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lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

Memories from IC in Turkey

As I said before the most important thing is the memory I have from my IC in Turkey and how it contributed to my AIESEC experience...

How to forget when I arrived to the airport and the police did not know that ecuadorians do not need vise to enter to turkey (like one houre there), when I arrived late to MCPs meeting, how I always went to CC to ask whatever thing that I need, the days I met some people and next day I did not remember their name and they remembered mine.

How forget the really crazy parties and the beautiful girls, the drink which was like 80% of alcohol, the way that some people inside of the place talked to me in turkish (they thought I was turkish), the food that I really did not like sometimes, the global plenary like ten hours there, they day when Gabriela talked with all MCPs cause guards found one MCP make sex with a girl in one faculty and they menaced to let us out of the place, the latin party when most of the europeans girls wanted to danced with us salsa and reggeton (never happends here), the roll calls, gossips (I was involve in some of them)...

The way how to get my dormitory which was really far away and sometimes I did not remember how to get it, when I tried to speak in russian and I realized I could not (but I have my book now), when I was drunk and I went to girls place and thoutgh it was boys one, when the guards (girls) of the girls place invited me to eat with them cause I was just latin and funny, when I spent teaching spanish to some guards in my free time.

When I lost my key and I could not enter to my room, when I wanted to clean my clothes and any CC was there to traslate what I wanted to say to guards, when I sold the ecuadorian towels and when I called to India :) and much more...

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